day 30

30 days of reflection before 33

it’s 30 days until i turn 33. each day leading up to my birthday, i want to reflect, write & eat with loving intentionality. my body feels like she wants a cleanse sooo…maybe cleanse? then i remembered–cleanses are hard. #forrealtho. i did a 3 day smoothee and juice cleanse followed by a 10 day master cleanse last summer. which felt amazing when i was done and awesome while i was doing it–for part of it. it was also really hard. i missed food hardcore. i want to do something that cleanses my body w/o stressing my body. i’m thinking week by week, i’ll eliminate certain things? so today, on day 30, i’m eliminating artificial sugars. natural sugars are cool, e.g.: fruit, but no sugar in smoothees, no candy bars, etc, etc.

so, um yeah. #Day30

ps: is it smoothee or smoothie? #NerdIsh

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