I am a writer, poet, playwright, performer and dancer. I notice details and nuance and I absolutely adore words. In writing my novel, For Sizakele, I learned there is nothing more valuable than an excellent editor. I used to edit my own work until I realized that the right editor can elevate your work to a whole other level you didn’t know was possible. 

My role as an editor is to amplify the work of the writers I work with, to share a different perspective that allows them to make the choices that deepen their work. I do not tell anyone what to do. I do not know better than the writer what is best for their work. I offer my perspective, thoughts, expertise and ask the questions that help you as the writer find the answers in you. This is your work and you are the expert.I am here to help and support, not drive the narrative.

Genres I Work With

Poetry, essays (personal or political), editorials, fiction, short stories, flash fiction, memoir, creative nonfiction, experimental writing, multimedia work, theses, and more. 

Types of Editing

I offer content editing (also called developmental or comprehensive editing) which includes, but is not limited to: character development, plot development, flow, order, organization of story/ideas, story structure, vibe, feeling, tone. For poetry or work that includes poetry: content editing includes reviewing the feeling, line breaks, metaphor, tone, story/journey of the piece as well as looking at whatever metaphoric language or hyperbolic language used to ensure your message is clearly delivered in the ways you choose. 

I can work with you at any stage of your work be it at the outline stage, the final draft or anywhere in between.

I also offer copy editing—including checking for grammar, punctuation, consistency, continuity, spelling, syntax and more.

Specialties + Niche

I have expertise working with multilingual work, writing that explores immigration/migration, first generation issues, gender identity, queer sexuality, colorism, race, class, the personal as political, and love.


For a specific rate*, please do contact me with any questions. Initial consultations are free—we talk about your work, what you’re looking for and if we are a fit. 

*I offer expedited turnaround, rush rates apply. 

Send me a message, let’s chat!

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