Oakland Based. New York Gully. Nigerian Soul. Yvonne Fly Onakeme Etaghene is an Ijaw and Urhobo Nigerian dyke performance activist, poet, dancer, essayist, playwright, actress, video artist and mixed-media visual artist who was born with a mouth full of dynamite and sugarcane. Etaghene engages a radical vulnerability and candor in her artwork and uses storytelling to build authentic human connection through passionate artistic expression.

Photo Credit: Suze Elusive

Photo Credit: Suze Lusive

Etaghene has rocked stages and melted microphones internationally. She was interviewed by and was a Contributing Writer to None on Record: Stories of Queer Africa, a digital media project that collects the stories of LGBT Africans from the African Continent and the Diaspora. She has toured nationally with both of her one-woman shows, Volcano’s Birthright{s} and GUAVA.

Etaghene is a mixed-media visual artist who has produced four solo art exhibitions. Etaghene founded Sugarcane, an LGBTQ Of Color writing workshop. She is a cook and organizer with the People’s Kitchen, a sliding-scale, local, organic, community restaurant project that engages, builds and nourishes community through shared-food events and cultural programming. Etaghene is the founder of Kitchen Poems, where she cooks Nigerian food, African diasporic foods in conjunction with artistic programming.

Etaghene has written and directed 2 poem videos that marry film, poetry and music, has published 4 chapbooks of poetry and released an album of poetry and music.

Etaghene’s first novel, For Sizakele, addresses Queer African love, identity, and intimate partner violence. Her second album of poetry, Nigerian Dyke Realness, drops in 2015.

Get your copy of For Sizakele here.

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  1. Hettie says:

    I’m already on your email list but just had to send you some love and light you have always been and always will be awesome! love your energy and always look forward to your messages. Congratulations on your book and happy birthday!!!



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