“Passion is my guide, my compass, my north star. I paint and photograph what I am passionate about. I love juxtaposing vibrant beautiful colors, textures, mediums to tell the story of a moment, an emotion, an experience. I create in whatever mediums speak to me—painting, poetry, writing, photography, spray paint, acrylic. I love to combine mediums. Telling the truth, telling the truest story is what moves me.”

~Yvonne Onakeme Etaghene

spots & stripes. Acrylic. Spray Paint. Paper. On Canvas. 30x40in. 2022

MFKN BLUE. Acrylic on Canvas. 30x40in. 2022.

CHAOS IS FUN SOMETIMES Acrylic. On Canvas. 20x20in. 2022
ELLIPSES…head in the clouds. Acrylic on Canvas. 30x48in. 2022.
HEART. Acrylic. Spray Paint on Canvas. 24x30in. 2022
a sunday gaze (2021)
ink and green. 2022.
ink and green x 2. 2022.
self-portrait. 2019.
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